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We know you can tell we are mainly in the Wedgwood business, however when we closed our brick & mortar shop we stored our remaining non-Wedgwood merchandise and now are offering ANTIQUE, VINTAGE, COLLECTIBLE AND DECORATIVE ITEMS on our Alexis Antiques website. These items are searchable just as our Wedgwood is, but in a section which is called ALEXIS ANTIQUES ANNEX. When a Wedgwood customer wants to search only Wedgwood, it will all work just like it always has. If one wants to take a peek at what else we offer such as vintage prints, antique china, lamps, kitschy flamingo fun, genealogy books or whatever, those items will be located in the Annex category, and are searchable by clicking on the Annex. Click on the photo to see the complete details about this French Creilware plate and let us know if you have any questions! Creil ware was made in the Oise, France area between 1794 and 1895. This particular plate is from the Montereau area and was manufactured between about 1800 and 1815. It is similar to English creamware, frequently called 'faience fine'; our example is a charcoal grey color but often one finds the transfers in a more sepia color. If you Google 'Stone, Coquerel LeGros d'Anisy' you'll learn more about Creil ware. Or go here for a great French website with more beautiful examples of Creil ceramics. We hope you enjoy our addition of non-Wedgwood treasures. Your feedback is always welcome, send us an email!
AA101 -- $80.00


If you are in need of a "quickie" appraisal of your Wedgwood piece or pieces, we will send you an email with information and evaluation at a reduced rate from our formal, written Wedgwood appraisal. Place an order by clicking on the item # below, then Add to Shopping Cart, add details in the box provided with your item/s listed, the marks on the back or bottom and whatever you know about the item/s and we'll respond as quickly as possible. If we need photos, we'll ask you to email them.

We will send you an invoice for $7.95 via PAYPAL which you can pay via your Paypal funds, an echeck or credit card even if you do NOT have or want a Paypal account. It's quick, simple, and best of all secure. We also welcome your personal check drawn to Alexis Antiques, Inc. Additional questions after you receive the appraisal at no further charge of course.

We also provide formal, written appraisals for estate or insurance purposes. These cost more, but we do the research on any item/s to include checking resources, recent auctions, etc. You receive a printed report either via a WORD document attachment or in the mail on real paper! We charge $30 per hour for this service. We estimate the amount of time needed for the research and give you an estimate up front. If we find that it is taking more time or is more complicated than anticipated we consult you before going forward. If you wish this type of appraisal please go to Browse Inventory and type in the single word appraisal in the browser box, then put the item # in your cart, you will get the form and can elaborate on your request, ask questions, etc. We welcome the opportunity to be of service with your appraisal needs. While our expertise is mainly Wedgwood, we also can provide current appraisals on other English ceramics and even other items using our vast library, just drop us an email to ask and we'll try to be of assistance.

Feel free to email with any questions and thanks for visiting our website!
WW030A -- $7.95



Marietta, Ohio was chosen in 2014 by Smithsonian Magazine as one of the 20 best small cities in America to visit. Click HERE to see the story about Marietta, the area described below and on this wonderful historic Wedgwood plate! Scroll down to #4 to see Marietta. Read on to see why it matters!

Many of our regular clients know I am a history and genealogy buff. My own Wedgwood collection holds many historical view plates, nearly all representing a place I have been or some person or place which has something to do with my own family history. For many years there was a family story that one of my gggggrandmothers was the first non-Indian woman born west of the Allegheny Mountains, in southeastern Ohio. I even had references to the statement, but when I found the book I couldn't find Nancy Anna. Knowing that not all old family stories turn out to be 100% correct, I stubbornly kept looking. Awhile back I was showing a fellow DAR member some of our DAR inventory items and came upon a plate like this. I got to reading the back and telling her about the over 1200 scenes in this series of plates, designed mostly by Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, the largest china importer in the country for many years, and as I read I nearly fainted. I was telling her the story of MY OWN Nancy Anna. I never realized that this plate solved the mystery! I Googled around and learned quite a bit about Campus Martius, added what I learned to what I knew as fact and what I knew might not be true, and figured out the story. Nancy Anna Stanley was the first baby born in the blockhouse at the Campus Martius compound, in the first white settlement west of the Alleghenies. Indeed, they were not completely finished with the compound, which included several blockhouses for protection against the Indians and the elements, until later in 1791; Nancy Anna's mother left her own cabin within the fort walls, the first frame building erected there, by her husband, and went to the blockhouse for protection from the January cold, and from potential Indian attacks, to have her baby on January 1, 1791. Thus the family story that she was born in a blockhouse, the first white woman born west of the Alleghenies! The story is almost true, but over the years some of the details were skewed!! This particular plate was commissioned by the Ohio Daughters of the American Revolution and is well marked on the back.

One NEVER knows what history can be found on a plate! This isn't my only historic plate story, but certainly my favorite! Maybe some of you have ancestry in the Campus Martius area and can identify your family with this plate. Good documentation exists on the inhabitants of the area; CONTACT US if you'd like some hints on how to find your family roots in the area represented by this great plate! Check out our American Historical China category for many more historical treasures. Or click on this photo to go to the regular listing for this plate, then from the dark blue bar on the left click Browse Inventory and you'll see the Historical China category -just click on the link to it, no keywords necessary! Enjoy your china, and enjoy your family story, whatever it may be!

You can check out the history of Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, the importer responsible for much of the American Historical & college wares produced by Wedgwood by going to our home page, then scroll down the dark blue bar on the left to LINKS, click to look at the JMS article.

We have a great selection of college-related books on consignment, and the 'History of Marietta College' is among them! The first chapter tells the story of early Marietta, to include the Campus Martius area with a drawing of the early fort, in 1791 when my Nancy Anna was still a baby! Check at www.collegeplates.com; browse schools for Marietta College - we have a couple of plates and the book. It’s so fun when my genealogy and Wedgwood passions collide! Thanks for reading.
WWX709 -- $48.00


With all our national hoopla in the recent past, and our frequent spotting of all things in Washington, DC, we are reminded that President's Day is coming soon and American History Month is already here. This beautiful antique plate of Martha Custis Washington is a great place to begin looking at our Washington and presidential wares. This plate is one of a large set and has a matching view of George, which we do not currently have in stock. We do have the image on a larger plate, and if you CLICK HERE you will see all our Washington - related items. Have a look!

Click this photo to return to our regular listing for this plate, with more information and the ability to click to order or ask for further information.

And while we're at it, there is a lovely plate featuring the image of our 7th President Andrew Jackson's home in Nashville, The Hermitage.
Check it out! And if you are a fan of Honest Abe, check out this nice smaller plate by Jonroth featuring Lincoln's Birthplace in Kentucky.
WWX702 -- $75.00


From the now non-existent Wedgwood Collectors' Society comes limited edition # 49, an edition of only 800 worldwide. This beautiful plaque is mounted in a handsome wood frame as illustrated. The photo is the original sales flyer for the item in the WCS newsletter when it was introduced. The buyer of this will receive a copy of the original paperwork with purchase. This photo was taken with a medallion mounted a bit off center, but ours, the one a buyer will receive, is mounted correctly! Click the photo to go to our listing and place an order or inquire for more information.
WW402 -- $159.00


From FOLD3.com comes this interesting information. From Alexis Antiques and collegeplates.com comes this gorgeous Wedgwood bone china plate which is part of a set produced to commemorate various buildings at the Coast Guard Academy. Click on the picture to go to its listing. Congratulations to the Coast Guard on another milestone birthday! U.S. Coast Guard’s 226th Birthday

This August marks the 226th birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard, originally created as the Revenue Marine in August 1790 by Congress. The Revenue Marine was formed at the request of Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, as an armed service to collect and enforce customs duties at U.S. ports. Though the Continental Navy was created before the Revenue Marine (in 1775), the Navy's disbandment between 1790 and 1798 makes the Coast Guard the oldest continuous maritime service in the U.S.

By 1894, the Revenue Marine had officially taken on the name the Revenue Cutter Service. Then, in 1915, the Revenue Cutter Service was combined with the U.S. Life-Saving Service to create...Continue Reading at Fold3.com ...
WW622C -- $110.00


There is not a good way to adequately describe the value of these papers. In delving into our large Wedgwood and ceramics library, we recently found these digests and in reading through them for the first time in several years, decided they must be shared with students and collectors of Wedgwood - we had forgotten how valuable the information is to building a good collection or learning all about Wedgwood, the man, the pots and the pottery.

If you GO HERE you will see the small blue books entitled OLD WEDGWOOD, by Jean Gorely, the long time Secretary of The Wedgwood Club which was formed in and met in and around the Boston area in the 1930s and '40s. The little books are full of information, small amounts of details, tidbits, stories and facts about a multitude of Wedgwood and Wedgwood-related subjects. Those books were published by The Club from 1934 until 1947, with an Index published in 1955. There is a gap in the documentation of the Club activities from 1947 until 1951. After 1951 the proceedings of the meetings, correspondence received, reports of exhibits, auction sales, and private collections, even some original poetry, were documented in these Digests and letters contained in the notebook we offer here for sale.

We present what we believe to be the full set of these documents. They are bound in a soft vinyl binder, have endpapers to prevent any ink from sticking to the inside of the binder, plastic pockets to add notes, photos, etc. and other miscellaneous items. Each one shipped will contain either a note card, post card, or other Wedgwood ephemera from our large collection in appreciation of your purchase. We will print these upon order, so all will be fresh, clean and crisp when received by the buyer. The one in the photo is ready to be shipped, others will be just like this one.

We can promise any and every collector or student of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons products, and even other ceramics, will find many topics either covered in detail, or at least covered enough to lead you to other information for enjoyment or research. Everything from old famous collections, products, famous collectors, not-so-famous collectors, geographical references found in Wedgwood products and lore, and holdings of museums and private collections of today will be found within the covers of this notebook.

The cost of shipping will be low, via media mail in the USA. At 230 pages plus end paper and title page, it weighs nearly two pounds, so with packing it will likely be near to or a tad over 3 pounds.

Please drop us an email or phone call if you have questions.

WW002 -- $45.00


From the late 1960s until the late 1980s, Josiah Wedgwood & Sons sponsored a collectors society, producing limited special editions only to its members. The historical design sources for the items were all well-documented through newsletters which were mailed out several times per year. The beautiful color photos of the special items were always luscious. The items vary from small jasper trays, properly known as compotiers, and plates to vases, glass goblets with jasper insets, covered boxes, and much more. The color combinations were often non-standard, i.e., not in regular production at the time. At present we have this Melpomene tray in the popular, but not made in large amounts, reverse pale blue on white colorway. There were eight trays like this, each with a different Muse.

John Flaxman, at age 22, was already recognized as a towering talent when Josiah Wedgwood commissioned the now-famous bas reliefs of the Muses from him. The Muses, daughters of Zeus, were female divinities whose position in the Olympian hierarchy was to preside over the arts and sciences.

We have nine WCS editions in stock at present; if you enter WCS into our browser bar (hit your back button, pick Browse Inventory from the dark blue bar on the left) you will see all of them. Click this picture to visit the regular listing for it, ask questions about it, go to the other WCS listings or place an order. ALL WCS ITEMS IN OUR INVENTORY ARE SHIPPED ACCOMPANIED BY COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL WCS PAPERWORK.
WWGM416 -- $42.00

History of the Brighthelmstone Club, Boston, MA Interesting Women's History

What an interesting volume. This book is the history of one of the early Women's Clubs in the USA, located in and around the Boston suburbs of Brighton and Allston. "The pioneer club woman of Brighton was Miss Vinah J. Warren, for many years one of Brighton's well-loved teachers. It was she who started the first club movement in Brighton by organizing in 1881 a branch of the Moral Education Assoc. of Boston. In the spring of 1896 this association, realizing that the time had come for broadening its outlook, at a meeting in April voted that the matter of forming a Woman's Club in Brighton and Allston be considered, and a committee was appointed to make plans...." This lovely little tome tells the story of this Club, its members' names, MANY old New England families, their programs, speakers, and development of their good works. I recommend this as an excellent addition to a library of Women's Studies of the American past. Our club women have a great heritage of gathering together, under the umbrella of many subjects, such as family heredity, educational improvement, furthering of female medical studies and of course furthering the right of women to vote. There is an old photo of the clubhouse. The book is in excellent condition, a bit of foxing, but nothing to spoil its readability or good condition for a library.

Here is a quote from a very interesting website showcasing several sites related to the history of American women:

"As a founding member of the Brighton-Allston Equal Suffrage League, Harriet advocated for women's rights. Her key contributions to social reform were made under the auspices of the Brighthelmstone Club, the highly active local chapter of the American Federation of Women's Clubs. Harriet served as the club's second President from 1898 to 1902. Early in her presidency, Harriet Baldwin prevailed upon Alice Freeman Parker, then President of Wellesley College, to speak to the Brighthelmstone membership on the topic 'Impressions of Education at Home and in Europe', thereafter moving the club to vigorous advocacy of school reform." I highly recommend the website for quite a bit of historic information on women in and around the Boston area, with photos, maps and descriptions. Scroll down to #12 to find the photo of Harriet Baldwin and more about her and the Club. Click the picture to go back to our regular listing to ask questions or to order this interesting and valuable history book.
AAHZ107 -- $50.00


New in 2004 and stored in its original fitted, padded box, this wonderful teapot is in MINT condition. It was produced in a limited edition of 300 and this one was sold at Bromberg's in Birmingham, Alabama. Purchased at a special reception, it is signed by Lord Wedgwood on the bottom, Wedgwood 04. Here is Wedgwood & Sons' own description of this teapot: "Noble Egyptian Teapot - White on Dark Taupe:

"The Egyptian Shape Teapot is a classic design in the distinguished history of Wedgwood and dates from around 1810. It is perhaps the form that denotes this shape as a classic design, molded with a zigzag pattern. The handle is well defined and provides a welcome symmetry to the overall balance of the piece. The applied white border of overlapping, intersecting circles of 'Guioch', as it is known, considerably enhances the shape. The shape represents a significant tableware shape design dating from the early 19th century, which remained fashionable until early Victorian times. The color combination is striking with a white border applied on dark taupe."

I doubt there are any others left for sale except on the secondary market as it was listed as out of stock by Wedgwood & Sons some time ago.

Click the picture to go back to the regular listing and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.
WWX405 -- $285.00


The famous Wedgwood Simple Yet Perfect teapot was designed by Lord Dundonald and produced in Queens Ware from about 1905 until 1919. This printed pattern is "Oaklands", and there are some known in the "Peony" pattern; it was also produced in Majolica glaze. Not all are marked "The Ceylon Teapot" as this one is. There is a horizontal, perforated ledge which separates the dry tea from the hot water. When the pot is tilted backward it rests on 2 short legs at back and on the curved handle, allowing the hot water to pass through the perforations on to the tea leaves. When the tea is brewed, the pot is set down on its base and the tea is ready to be poured through the spout. This method of brewing keeps the tea from becoming too "well done". These teapots are not easy to find these days so perhaps the chipping to the spout is less of a problem than it might be if there were plenty on the market. Please let us know if you have any questions, we're always happy to answer or send further photos. You can go HERE to see an interesting magazine which has an article on the SYP Teapot. Click the picture to return to the regular listing in our inventory.

From the article in The Antiques Journal of Dec., 1967: "Another striking food item is the SYP teapot. Apparently patented in 1901, this teapot was made by others but is usually found in Wedgwood's ware in plain cream color as well as "Oaklands" and "Peony" underglaze blue decorated patterns. One of our pieces is marked with a visible printed "Ceylon Teapot". [This is the one we have for sale.] SYP stands for "Simple Yet Perfect." The design, patented in 1901 by Mr. Dundonald in Cheshire, England,is helmet-shaped and features a perforated ceramic shelf in the upper section. Tea was placed in the upper section and hot water below. Perhaps the same theory of tea drinkers was prevalent then that tea should first be steamed before steeping. At any rate the lid helped separate the tea from the water except thru the perforations of the shelf and steeping took place when the teapot was put on its back. Two spurs on the bottom and the handle on top kept it firm in this position. When the tea was dark enough, the pot was stood upright and the water no longer reached the tea. Pouring was done through the front spout without removing the lid which was locked into place. The idea is ingenious. It works. But Wedgwood will not make any more SYP teapots because the difficulty of making them would make the price ridiculously high in today's labor market."
WWRG712-230 -- $195.00



This is not the first gorgeous set of Japanese china we have had for sale in the past 21 years. Many soldiers returning after WWII brought or sent sets of dinnerware home to their mothers, wives, sisters, fiancees and we even had one set that a soldier brought home in case he ever had a wife! He found the wife, she didn't like the dishes - they sold them after storing them for over 40 years! This set comes from longtime storage too. All pieces were carefully wrapped and stored; they look as if they were never used. All are perfect, no chips, cracks, scratches, or signs of wear. Offered here are 8 6-piece place settings of dinner (10" diameter), salad/dessert (7.5" dia), and b & b plates (6.5" dia); coffee / tea cups & saucers (5.75" dia)& fruit/sauce bowls (5.5" dia) The serving pieces are gorgeous - two platters ($74 each) (12" & 17"), 1 double spouted gravy boat w/ attached underplate ($52), & creamer, sugar bowl w/ lid ($35 for the set). There is also an oval open serving bowl($32), which we forgot to measure, but it's about 8" wide. Additionally we have 3 salad/dessert plates, 3 fruit bowls, 3 bread & butter plates and 2 cup/saucers. SOUP CUPS AND SAUCERS PICTURED ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

PRICING: Salad/desserts, fruit bowls & b & bs = $8 each; Cups & saucers = $20 each set; 6-pc place settings = $59 each

Occupied Japan china was made from the end of WWII in 1945 until about 1952 in Japan mostly intended for export. These pieces are all marked Occupied Japan and each has the pattern name "Midnight Queen". The delicate pastel flowers and leaves are highlighted with black then surrounded by gold & green curliques. The gold highlights are all in gorgeous condition, no rubbing.

We will divide this set if our buyer wants to add to an existing set or simply buy a smaller set. Two, 4 or 6 place settings would be reasonable; and we will sell the serving pieces separately, except the creamer and sugar box. We found that Replacements has only a few patterns listed for this pottery and a very few pieces in this pattern...which means there is not much of it in this country. One could easily buy a complete set at our attractive price and have it for a lifetime. The quality is excellent. We Americans sometimes tend to look down our noses at Japanese china, but we should not. The china is normally beautifully decorated and has survived very well over these 50+ years. This pattern would mix well with pink, green, black or gold table linens and accent pieces and gold or silver hollow-ware & flatware. Antique or newer glassware would also be gorgeous with it. We set a place setting with Waterford 'Lismore' and some antique floral pink Depression Glass - it looked smashing! Please contact us for more information, photos, ideas or any other question, we're here to be of assistance! Click the photo to go to the inventory listing to inquire or order; specify what you wish to order in the COMMENTS section of the order form.
AAEP248 -- $0.00

LESLIE'S WEDGWOOD BLOG GATEWAY - Latest Wedgwood News & Current Events

Blogging is a great tool for us to share the vast amount of Wedgwood information which comes our way. Between our website LINKS and the blog a whole array of Wedgwood information is at one's fingertips. We hope you will click our links to the BLOG to see current events, book reviews, gossip, news and whatever else is going on in the Wedgwood world, from England to our own little patch of that world at ALEXIS ANTIQUES~! But please don't forget the informational LINKS here on our website! Find our LINKS on the dark blue bar on the left - it's at the bottom...and takes one directly to the BLOG as well as all our other informational links - Wedgwood societies around the world, book reviews, Current Events and other interesting websites all relative to the very wide world of Wedgwood.

If you subscribe to the blogposts, you will be notified automatically when new posts are made. You can send us messages through our Contact Us tool here on the website, but you can also easily make comments to our posts on the blog. We'd love to hear from you with news, questions, additions to your collections or just a friendly 'hello'. We've begun a Facebook page for Alexis Antiques, check it out Alexis Antiques will find us.

For new collectors here is a quick look at some Glossary Terms which will help you use our site and make more informed purchase decisions. Click on the image to make it legible.

Illustrated above is a great Wedgwood box produced as a Christmas ornament, but take off the gold thread and it becomes a true symbol of today's situation - a blue Wedgwood box, Wedgwood ribbon, looks like Jasper, but made in China! Talk about symbolism! The lid comes off, it really is a box, and we think the perfect use for it is to give an engagement ring or other treasured jewel as a gift! We're always adding new items to Alexis Antiques Annex, CollegePlates.com and of course, new Wedgwood inventory so we hope you will make Alexis Antiques a habit!
WW142 -- $28.00


Wedgwood reference books abound. Check our inventory, we have quite a few. They are so valuable to collectors but you can find my "lecture" on that subject elsewhere in our Featured Items. Here is a small, inexpensive book which, like SO many Wedgwood books, gives us another reason to collect books about our collections - it's so pretty itself. This 64 page book by Susan Walker, from the British Museum's Objects in Focus series, is chocked full of color photos, with great closeups of the reliefs on the Vase and a concise history of the Vase. It's not an intellectual treatise - there are LOTS of those! This is a pretty book that tells its story with no fuss, no muss, just lots of great photos and simple language. Its focus is to elucidate some newer interpretations of the meaning of the scenes. If you don't have all the Wedgwood you want, toss around a few books! After reading this little Portland Vase tome, you'll sound like a true Wedgwood scholar at your next cocktail party! Your friends will be amazed at how much you know about the history of the original cameo glass vase, the saga of the Wedgwood version and the meaning of the figures. We send books Media Mail or First Class to keep your shipping costs to a minimum. Be sure to browse our BOOKs category, there is so much information there, and the printed word is very often much more thoroughly researched than the websites that abound which have not been vetted at all...remember, anyone can post anything they want, and a LOT of Wedgwood online information is inaccurate or incomplete - be sure to read a trusted site that has documented information and references.
WWX001 -- $15.00


These heart ornaments make great package ties, bridesmaid gifts, Christmas ornaments or anytime gifts! The photo illustrates both sides and the cute tag which says Something old, Something new, Something Wedgwood, Something Blue. They arrive in the white silky bags as illustrated. They would be darling as bridal party gifts, favors at a shower or Bride's Maids luncheon or the like. As a package tie for a Wedgwood collector, they'd be an extra gift, or make a wonderful gift on their own. Our price is for one ornament, multiples in the same box would save on postage. The tags can be removed as can the ribbon, but the ribbon does say WEDGWOOD. For a person with some good height and shoulders, it would make a lovely necklace too, but maybe a bit much on a tiny, petite girl! We have 12 in stock. These were not marketed in the USA so you won't find them at any shops selling Wedgwood. They were created for Wedgwood's business customers to celebrate the 2009 250th Anniversary of Wedgwood. Try replacing the ribbon with narrow red and green ribbon to make a great Christmas tree ornament!

Click here to see other heart shaped items.

The hearts can be shipped in small boxes or padded envelopes, thus keeping shipping costs down to a minimum. Let us know if we can help you with some ideas!
WW128 -- $17.50



You have probably noticed some new additions to Alexis Antiques Annex lately, that being several volumes of Genealogy and family history related books, plus some town histories. Being into genealogy for many years, I've recently decided to put my knowledge to work helping others. You might email us at leslieslineages@khs65.com if you would like some help with that brick wall, getting started in genealogy, or just some help with a particular task. Our specialty is New England and Missouri genealogy, but we'll work anywhere. We locate lost heirs for inheritance and other estate purposes, but mostly we like finding roots! The St. Louis County Library, with a huge genealogy section, is about 12 minutes from us so we can obtain records, make copies, etc. One of the genealogist's best tools is a good library. Yes, the Internet is helping us all find our roots easier these days, but NOT everything is online - YET! Books like this pair and the others we now have in stock are invaluable for searching your own roots or helping others. Once again, we like to let you know what you're getting when the price is expensive! This pair of Volume I & II of the 'Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region 1701-1936' as you can tell from the title is invaluable for researching the area, especially if you are descended from many families in this region. This pair was produced in low volume, thus the scarcity today. If you look at our description, you'll see that the INDEX alone is over 200 pages. There are thousands of names and biographies included, an invaluable set of books! We have some others right now that are in the higher price ranges, please don't hesitate to drop us a line or call to ask for further information, for photos, etc. We don't expect anyone to spend the "big bucks" without plenty of information and we're pleased to oblige!
AA018A -- $750.00


Be sure to click on the photo to go to the regular listing for this lovely Pearlware tureen. It makes a gorgeous centerpiece, add some floral foam and some floral goods, maybe hanging over the edgechip, and it makes a beautiful statement!

Please take the time to go to our LINKS tab in the dark blue bar on the left and see what's new & interesting.

Also in our LINKS we have added an attraction, the complete book of "Lady Charlotte Schreiber's Journals" in pdf format that you can read and print out right from our website. It is out of copyright and completely legal. You can type in the searchword WEDGWOOD, then click on the dropdown arrow and it will give you the option to search for every "Wedgwood" entry. If you want the complete book, get 682 pieces of paper and let your printer go wild, or half that much and print front & back. Or just research a bit, print what you need and voila there you have it! ENJOY!
WWG802 -- $119.00


We love this adorable Wedgwood-look-alike item! It's a three dimensional plaque in resin and sits on a light wood easel. The design is from the painting "Memories in Blue" by Allen Berman. The bright yellow lemons perfectly compliment the blue and white of the 146 shape Wedgwood Jasper bas reliefware teapot and sugarbox. We have several in stock and they are shipped in a gift box. Shipping charge is $6.00 if one is purchased stand-alone without other items. A cute addition to a collection of Wedgwood "stuff"!
WW064 -- $22.50


We thought our visitors might like to know more about this very rare treasure. The book is one of a series of books with the same title, all published in 1894. Each volume has monographs on several subjects, many of which are centered around old engravings. This particular volume has 4 sections. "The Etchings of Rembrandt" is first and was written by P. G. Hamerton, author of "Etching & Etchers". Mr. Hamerton was an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers. Mr. Hamerton was also the editor of The Portfolio 1894 Artistic Monographs. There is an etching, faced with tissue, of Rembrandt at the beginning with another etching further on, and black drawings of other etchings scattered within the text.

The second section is entitled "MALTA and the Knights Hospitallers" by the Rev. W. K. R. Bedford, M.A., author of "The Blazon of Episcopacy", "Regulations of the Knights' Hospital at Malta", etc.

The third section is a full reprint of the first edition of "JOSIAH WEDGWOOD Master-Potter" by A. H. Church, F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the Royal Academy of Arts and author of "English Earthenware", among other volumes. The opening etching here is of the Portland Vase. There are three other tissue-faced etchings and a multitude of black & white photos of historic pieces of Wedgwood. There is a section of Bibliographical Notes at the end. ISSUE # 21 OF THE WEDGWOOD SOCIETY OF NEW YORK'S MAGAZINE 'ARS CERAMICA' HAS A GREAT ARTICLE ABOUT FAMED WEDGWOOD DEALER FREDERICK RATHBONE IN WHICH IS QUOTED A LETTER FROM RATHBONE TO A WELL-KNOWN CLIENT: "I THINK IT [THE PORTFOLIO] IS THE BEST WEDGWOOD ARTICLE OR MONOGRAPH EVER WRITTEN. PROFESSOR CHURCH WRITES WELL AND KNOWS WHAT HE IS WRITING ABOUT." High praise indeed for this wonderful book!

The fourth section is "Jules Bastien-Lepage" by Julia Cartwright, again with several tissue-faced etchings and photos.

As with many lavish volumes from the end of the 19th century, the paper is very heavy, the binding beautiful, being a 3/4 leather with gold square outlines and title on the spine. The book is in wonderful condition, just a tad bit of separation at the top of the front endpaper. The endpapers match the cover.

These volumes are very rare indeed and what a treasure this one is for Wedgwood collectors. Church's book was reprinted in 1903 in a second edition but this volume is worth its weight and price for the etchings alone! We can ship it via media mail or priority mail, but it's heavy so shipping will be higher than a normal lighter weight more modern book of its same dimensions.

Collectors who research their subject add much value to their collections. Reading and researching keep us from making mistakes in buying and help us appreciate the total scope of the subject. Often in our reading we learn so much more than we realized there was to consider that our collecting horizons either expand with exposure to more knowledge, or we discover we wish to concentrate on just one area. Collecting the books in itself is a wonderful hobby!

For more information on this volume, please be sure to call or email. For a look at our other books, magazines & brochures, you can CLICK HERE.
WW025 -- $399.00


You can send a nice note and a little soothing, relaxing gift at the same time. A bag of real tea is enclosed in each card. The front of the card shows a Wedgwood jasper teapot and teacup and saucer highlighted with pink roses. Just open the foldover note, write your message and you're sending your Wedgwood, or other, friends a nice little reminder of your hobby, or perhaps theirs!

We have been selling these cards singly, but realized it would be more economical to buy them in larger quantity. We will package them nicely and send ten for $22.50 as opposed to the single cost of $2.50 each. Of course, they come with a nice crisp white envelope. We will ship them for free, either in bulk or singly, with another order, but if you wish to order only the cards, shipping for 10 will be $2. Please let us know if you have any questions. These are high quality cardstock cards and a wonderful way to correspond, especially if you are a Wedgwood aficionado.

WW036 -- $2.50


Can't decide what to give that special person? Order a GIFT CERTIFICATE in any dollar amount and we will either mail it to you to give personally, or we will mail it, either via email or snail mail, to your recipient with a nice card and your message. The Certificate may be used to purchase any product in our vast inventory. NO EXPIRATION DATE Add this product to your cart then you can give us all the particulars in the order form - or email us if you have questions.
WW089 -- $0.00