The following are abbreviations and terms we use in our database:

* = item is not perfect- you should call or email for detailed
condition report

All items are in excellent condition commensurate with their age, 
unless otherwise noted.

IMP WMIE =  item is impressed Wedgwood made in England, normally 
indicating production from about 1908 to present.

IMP W only = item is impressed with the word Wedgwood only, NORMALLY 
indicating production before 1891 but not always.

IMP WENG = item is impressed Wedgwood England; normally indicating 
production from about 1891 to 1906-8.

These markings must be used with other information to accurately date 
Wedgwood products.

SCL = Shreve, Crump & Low, a Boston Jeweler

JMS = Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, reknowned Boston ceramic import company, 
a Wedgwood business associate for over 50 years

Bcks/bckst = printed backstamp; '16 = 1916

PVASE Mark = Portland Vase mark indicating bone china

TRICOLOR, jasper pieces that are two different colors applied on top of a
third base color.  

PB = pale blue; TC = terra cotta (usually color of jasper)

Cc on cc = cream color on cream/embossed Queen's Ware

QW = Queen's Ware; BC = bone china; Jas = jasper; bbas = black basalt

Box or in box = we have the original box & the item will be shipped with it

Enam = enamel or enamelled

DK BLU/E = dark blue ; dk blu bas rel = dark blue bas relief wares

BL alone is frequently black; WH = white; grn = green

WIS = Wedgwood International Seminar

WCS = Wedgwood Collector's Society (limited editions/organization is no
longer in existence)

Figs = figures; usually the classical figures on jasperware

B & B = bread & butter, as in plates to dishware sets

L/S = large size; M/S = medium size; S/S = small size - as used by the
Wedgwood Company

DAR = Daughters of the American Revolution

BMW = Buten Museum of Wedgwood, formerly in suburban Philadelphia. 
Collection now located on Long Island at Sands Point Preserve.

"Set of X" = means the items are sold as a set for the indicated price
(sometimes we can break up sets)

# avail = indicates total number of this item available; these are priced
individually at the price indicated

We normally use standard Wedgwood terminology in our descriptions whenever