Biscuit Barrels

What Americans call cookies and crackers, the British call biscuits. Therefore, these cracker barrels or cookie jars to them are Biscuit Barrels! If you are a Hercule Poirot fan, you might have noticed that he has one on the top of his fridge in his London flat!

Most biscuit barrels are mounted in silver plate mounts, known as EPNS for electro-plated nickel silver. We always try to keep ours polished, but sometimes we fail! Sometimes they will not polish much better than what we have done. They CAN be replated; use a reputable silversmith, replater etc. Or simply enjoy them as they are, knowing they have been well loved by others in the past! You will note most of ours have the shiny glazed stoneware interiors, made to facilitate your using them for cookies! The silverpolish will not harm the jasperware body. We use Wright's Silver Cream routinely on them with excellent success.