Cleaning Your Jasperware

Almost every piece you see in our cases, or ever will see in them, has been or will be cleaned in my dishwasher. Because jasperware is a porous unglazed stoneware, it gets dirty - from dust, the dirt and oils on our skin, etc. For the same reason, its porosity, it loves a good scrubbing. Use Comet, Old Dutch, etc. and a soft brush or washrag; it's tough, you won't hurt it! But, if you have many pieces, carefully place them in your dishwasher and wash with your regular detergent. You will be pleased and amazed at how beautiful they are!

DO NOT wash broken, cracked or repaired pieces in this fashion. Clean them in clear water, gently rubbing with your fingers to remove dust; spot clean with a rag or sponge but avoid any repainted places. Of course, be cautious in handling cracked or otherwise damaged/repaired pieces!